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EP 74: Teaching Youth The Importance of Etiquette

December 3, 2021

This is episode 74, where we discussed the benefits of teaching  kids the rules of etiquette. Etiquette provides youth with skills to improve their social networking, provides them with a range of phrases and behaviors which they can use in whatever social situation they find themselves in and can also set youth up for a lifetime of success.

During this episode you will learn:

  • A brief history of the Monica Lewis School of etiquette
  • At what age should kids start learning the elements of proper etiquette
  • The differnce between knowing good manners and knowing proper etiquette
  • Different types of acceptable behaivor for different settings


Darian Lewis is the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operations Officer for the Monica Lewis School of Etiquette.  He has over 20 years of experience in business leadership, working with Fortune 500 companies like Enterprise, AIG, American General Life, and Sun America.


Monica Lewis School of Etiquette

Mike Wilson

Harris County Department of Education

CASE for Kids


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