Making Afterschool Cool Podcast

The Making Afterschool Cool Podcast is an essential part of the CASE for Kids push to increase the awareness of resources that improve quality in the afterschool and out-of-school time field. Join Mike Wilson and field experts as they discuss best practices, the growth mindset, project-based learning, social emotional learning, restorative practices and student engagement all with afterschool providers in mind!

Numerous studies have documented the positive effects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programming have on youth of diverse backgrounds.   The edition of the Making Afterschool Cool Podcast focuses on how to implement SEL into in school and out of school time programs

The Growth Mindset

 After listening to the Growth Mindset, answer the questions below to win a prize!

  1. Who is the host of the Making Afterschool Cool Podcast?
  2. What program does the student that said, “I’m not afraid of losing, because it teaches me how to win next time,” participate in?
  3. Name the researcher that established the theory of the Growth Mindset?