Making After-School Cool Podcast

Ep 31: The COVID19 Academic Slide Impact on Students’ Achievement

June 10, 2020

This episode of the Making Afterschool Cool podcast focuses on what educators describe as the COVID-19 Slide. This year, most students have been out of their classroom setting since early March. Now that summer break is here, many students will not be getting any form of academic instruction. How will the COVID-19 Slide impact students’ academic achievement? Is there anything OST staff and parents can do to lessen academic losses? To discuss this issue we are joined by guest Dr. Cedric Stewart. During this podcast, you will hear some answers to these questions and the following:
• Definition of COVID-19 Slide
• Subjects with the largest incidence of learning loss during summer
• Tips and strategies for parents and OST providers to help enhance students' learning during summer
• Methods for parents and OST providers to encourage engaged learning
• Strategies to minimize students' math anxiety
• Resources for parents and OST providers with math anxiety


Dr. Cedric Stewart has served families in Harris County as an educator, consultant, and administrator since 1992. During that time, he has held many roles simultaneously, accruing over 20 years of educational experience with a fierce commitment to equity for all students. Dr. Stewart was recently appointed to serve as the new Instructional Leader of Jewel Houston Academy. He is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and holds 6 degrees in Criminal Justice, Educational Leadership, and Counseling.

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